Russell Avre

Founder & CEO of Glappy Foundation


Russell Avre is a dedicated and visionary individual who has been tirelessly committed to the cause of poverty eradication in Africa for over a decade. His unwavering passion for this critical issue has driven him to wear multiple hats, making a profound impact in various capacities.

As a visionary social entrepreneur, Russell Avre has been at the forefront of innovative and sustainable solutions to alleviate poverty in Africa. He has established and supported numerous initiatives that empower local communities, create economic opportunities, and address the root causes of poverty. Through his entrepreneurial endeavors, he has demonstrated a remarkable ability to envision and implement projects that make a lasting difference in the lives of countless individuals and families across the continent.

Russell’s leadership extends beyond the realm of social entrepreneurship. He has proven himself as a transformative Agile leader, demonstrating an exceptional capacity to adapt and respond to the ever-evolving challenges faced by African communities. His agility in leadership allows him to lead teams effectively, promoting collaboration and delivering results in complex and dynamic environments.

In addition to his entrepreneurial and leadership roles, Russell Avre is a passionate advocate for sustainable and equitable development. He tirelessly works to raise awareness about the issues that underlie poverty and inequality in Africa, while also advocating for the adoption of policies and practices that promote sustainable economic growth and social justice.

Russell Avre’s enduring commitment to poverty eradication, his visionary entrepreneurship, transformative leadership, and advocacy for sustainable development have made him a driving force in the fight against poverty in Africa. His work serves as an inspiration to many and underscores the importance of individual dedication and innovative thinking in addressing some of the world’s most pressing challenges.