Mbaye Mbengue

Founder of Youth Education and Sports Development / United Nations


Mr Mbaye Mbengue is the CEO and Founder of African Youth Education and Sports Development (AYESD). He is originally from Senegal and resident in the United States of
America. For his engagement for humanitarian, Social Justice and impact as a Young African Leader in the Diaspora, he won many awards and represented his foundation African Youth
Education and Sports Developement in many importants summits, as a speaker and Youth Leader influencer.
In 2021 he was nominated in the Global list 100 of the Most Infkuentaol People of Aftican
Descent (MIPAD) in 2022 he was recognized by the African Union Mission to the US as an African Youth Leader in the Diaspra to work with African head of states and leaders to make
impact and changes through Sports and Education for African Youth.
He won many personal trophies and awards as a young international football player in Europe with Paris Football Club in Paris, International de Milano Football Club in Italy and also with
the United Nations Football Club. He also been selected to represent his country as a young international player before his injury.