H.E. Modeste Mutinga M.

Modeste Mutinga

H.E. Modeste Mutinga M.

Minister of Social Affairs Humanitarian Actions and National Solidarity / DRC


H.E. Modeste Mutinga Mutushayi is a prominent politician, media owner, and public servant hailing from the Democratic Republic of Congo, also known as Congo-Kinshasa. With a dynamic career spanning across politics and media, he has been a significant figure in shaping the nation’s political landscape and advocating social welfare and humanitarian actions. In recognition of his exceptional dedication to public service and his expertise in social affairs, humanitarian actions, and national solidarity, Modeste Mutinga Mutushayi was appointed as the Minister of Social Affairs, Humanitarian Actions, and National Solidarity in the Lukonde government in April 2021. In this capacity, he assumed a pivotal role in designing and implementing policies aimed at promoting social welfare and humanitarian aid and fostering a spirit of national unity and solidarity.